Get together four times a year: We have four scheduled events per year at a location in downtown Montreal. We schedule each one about three months in advance. Everyone does their best to make all of the events, but sometimes that is impossible. Each member brings $100 to every event.

Present & learn about local charities: The core of the events are members presenting about Montreal-area registered charities. We hear about who they are, what they do and the needs their organization has. No one has to present a charity but those who want to put their name in the draw and three are selected randomly each time.

Vote on which one gets the group's support: After considering the three charities, every member in attendance votes on which one they think best deserves the group’s support. We do this by simple majority tabulated in real time at the event.

Contribute $100 to raise $10,000 in less than an hour: Coming to the event, all members have donated the $100. Once the votes are counted, the $10,000 (give or take) total is then earmarked for the one charity that received the majority of votes. Amazingly, this is always done in under one hour!


• Registration will always start ~6:30pm on the night of the event.

• Members will come in and get registered. Over the course of the event, there will be volunteers available to process the $100 donations either in the form of cash,cheque or credit card (a $2.72 charge is applied for each credit card transaction).

Each donor will receive a receipt for their donation at the event. A formal tax receipt will be provided from the local charity subsequent to the event.

• In return, members get a name tag, a voting card for later in the evening and have the option to submit a local Montreal charity for consideration (need to be from the greater Montreal area and be able to provide tax receipts to each member)

• Members can then grab a drink and mingle with the rest of the group

• Once most people have arrived and are registered the official event kicks off ~7pm

• After a short welcome, we will randomly select 3 member and charity names
• Each of these members will give a short simple non-PowerPoint presentation on their charity (see here for tips) in French or English or any combination of the two

• After each speaker, anyone will be able to ask questions to better understand the particular charity and need (again in French or English or any combination of the two)

• After the presentations and questions are complete, all members present will fill out their voting ballot on which one they want the group to support

• While the votes are being tabulated a representative from the charity who received the funds the previous quarter will come give the group an update

• Once the votes are tabulated, the winner will be announced, we will take a group picture with a giant novelty cheque and the official agenda of the meeting will be finished...all by 8pm
• Some will stay to socialize and watch the Habs game and others will leave

• Roughly two weeks later everyone will receive an email detailing the surprise donation drop and the date for the following meeting


• We take your $100 and the ~$10,000 we plan to raise very seriously

• One of our founding members, Andrew Bourne, previously worked as a forensic accountant. During his experience as a fraud investigator, he learned various techniques to assist in making the processing of cash and payments efficient and safe. Andrew has helped us put in place procedures that keep the flexible unique mechanism of the 100 gens but also reduce the risk of any irregularity. That process is:

  • Rolling volunteers at each event - the same volunteers will not be counting charitable receipts each time.

  • A manual receipt process will be in place to ensure that all receipts provided to Members are accounted for in the counting of the donation receipts.

  • Cheques and cash will be accepted and kept by Andrew Bourne (CPA, CMA, DIFA) until delivery at the charity

  • Charity names transcribed by a rotating volunteer group of five people

  • Reporting on the exact total amount to the group in the next week after

  • Official Tax receipts from the charity for the exact $100 given to donating members as the official confirmation that the funds went to the intended location

  • All incidental costs are funded 100% by the founding members personally so that 100% of the donations go to the earmarked charities

  • There will be a bank account administered by Andrew Bourne for any cash and credit card donations. This bank account will merely be a flow through of funds from donation receipts to the overall contributions made to the charities. Andrew will be providing a detailed accounting of the bank account to the remainder of the Organizing Committee, and to any other Member, upon request.