Which Charities are eligible?

Any local, registered charity that can offer a tax receipt to each member is eligible. Click here to verify the charitable status of an organization (according to CRA).

How will they be chosen at the events?

  • Any member, after registering and paying the $100 can nominate a charity.

  • From these nominations, three will be chosen at random live at the event.

  • After a short presentation and Q&A on each, we will collectively vote and by simple majority decide on which charity gets the ~$10,000

What should I prepare?

This is not meant to be an onerous endeavour but there is some preparation that you should do:

  1. Contact the charity to ensure they are registered and can provide tax receipts to ~100 people

  2. Through speaking to the charity get a handle on who they serve, how they do it and how extra donations would be spent

  3. Spend a little time organizing your thoughts by looking at the suggested template below:

Suggested Template

There is no exact way to do this but we thought it would be helpful to provide a rough template along with a fictional example in red.

1. Who is the Charity

  • What’s the name (Second Harvest)

  • Where is it located (St. Laurent, Quebec)

  • How long has it been running (20 years)

2. Personal connection:

  • How did you hear about them and why did it connect with you (my father volunteers there)

3. What does it do:

  • What’s the stated mission of the charity (pick up excess food from restaurants and deliver to social service agencies that help feed people in need in MTL)

  • Who do they serve/what’s the need? (currently helping feed +100K people at food shelters, homeless shelters and  transitional shelters)

  • What do they do specifically and how do they do it (they find, pick up and then deliver the food to 200 social services (they are the middleman/logistics arm)

4. How much do they need the support

  • Where do they get other funding from (100% private funding from private individuals and companies, no gov funding)

  • What would they do with ~$10K (Set up a new route truck that service could add capacity to feed 25K people)